Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Government Seized Vehicles - Truth or Scam?

Everyday people are buying government seized and repossessed SUVs, trucks and vans online up to 95% off and saving $1000's. This goes on silently as auction winners keep this information to themselves because of the amazing deals they're getting. It is also a common technique that SUV, truck and van dealerships use in order to turn a nice profit. Dealers buy a handful of used SUVs, trucks and vans from these online auctions and then sell them to people like you and I for a highly marked up price. I say, cut the middle-man out, and get a great deal yourself!

First you're probably wondering if these SUVs, trucks and vans are legit, or if there's something fishy going on since the savings are so great!? Well every day the government seizes SUVs, trucks and vans from people who default on their lease payments or loans. After the ATVs are seized, they get auctioned off quickly to recover the costs of storing and maintaining the vehicles. Basically it is much too expensive for the government to keep these vehicles around, so they simply must get rid of them fast!

Another great thing about government seized online SUV, truck and van auctions is that the government bodies take extremely good care of their vehicles, so they're all in great shape. It is actually part of their organizational responsibility to comply with work safety legislation and properly maintain each vehicle.

A nice bonus is that most of the government seized online SUVs, trucks and vans auction sites also give you access to RV's, motorcycles, car, and boat auctions. There are really a ton of awesome deals to be had!

If you're wondering about how many miles/kilometres the SUVs, trucks and vans have, this information is actually supplied for pretty much every auction. The majority of vehicles sold on these online SUV, truck and van auction sites come with service history information and various stamped log books so you can view all the important details before you even place a bid. Not to mention that many of the great deals you'll find are on vehicles that are only a couple years old and still under the manufacturer's warranty!

These government seized online vehicle auctions are definitely something you need to check out if you're looking for great prices on barely used SUVs, trucks and vans.

My TOP choice for a website that lists government seized SUVs, trucks and vans and the auction locations and timings is Car-Auction Database. Go ahead, click here, sign up for the low one-time fee and save yourself $1000's.